The only way not to be intercepted in transferring sensible

data is transmitting  nothing , that means transferring

Without transmitting.

The TWT system do not use any current technology  to

Transmit codes (radio waves, laser, microwaves, radar,

Infrared, capacity systems etc) between TX and RX. Data are

Transferred (not transmitted) and, for this  reason, they can

Not be detected by any device actually  on the market.


Take as an example an iron cube of 1 m3; TX is able to transfer

Data to RX.

The data transfer is possible no matter which material is

Interposed between TX and RX.

The transferring  data distance is proportional to TX sizing


We are able to show, by means of a spectrum analyser, the

Absolute absence of radio data transmission during code

Sending from TX and RX.

The system is particularly interesting  when it is mandatory

That data are never detected at 100%  security level.